The Best Offline Android Game with HD Graphics 2019

The Best Offline Android Game with HD Graphics 2019

In an increasingly advanced era followed by rapid technological developments, almost all activities that we could only do on a computer or PC, now we can do this by utilizing a smartphone, be it Android, iOS, or others.
One example is that in the past we could only enjoy games with the best quality graphics or HD (High Definition) through a computer or PC. Now we gamers from all over the world can play HD games on smartphones, including Android.
But the problem for people who want to save on the internet quota is that most of the HD games they find can only be played online, so they certainly can't be enjoyed without an internet connection. Even so, there are still some HD android games that can be played offline.
Well, to help with this problem, YaTekno has succeeded in gathering 21 android games with the best HD graphics that can be played without an internet connection. Immediately, see the following interesting discussion until it runs out ...

The Best Offline Android Game with HD Graphics 2019 ;

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
This action game made by Home Net Games will bring you into a story where there is a battle in the high seas. You can choose which ship you want to fight.
The ship that you use will be equipped with 5 types of ammunition to attack your opponent, one of which is quite a mainstay is the cannon ball.
We not only play during the day, but also at night which makes the atmosphere more tense. With the support of amazing HD visual graphics, the course of this game will be even more exciting.

Dream League Soccer 2017

Finding a good soccer game isn't easy, but First Touch as the developer has presented a soccer game with decent graphics and pretty good game controls.

Interestingly, besides being able to be played online, you can also play it without an internet connection. Various features presented are also interesting, one of which we can build your own stadium for where we compete.

Hills of Glory 3D

Hills of Glory 3D is an offline strategy game with HD graphics created by AMA LTD. This war-themed game will assign you as an army that will attack enemies from inside the bunker.
Yes, indeed only from inside the bunker by shooting or throwing mortars, and you must try to defend the bunker so as not to be destroyed by enemy attacks that can come from various directions.
Supported with decent 3D graphics quality and responsive game controls, making this game very fun to play.

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