Game Reviews Minecraft Storymode 2019

Game Reviews Minecraft Storymode 2019

Familiar with the game Minecraft? This sandbox simulation game might not be too popular in Indonesia. But in the US there, the game is very popular. The most obvious evidence is that Microsoft did not hesitate to acquire Mojang, the creator of Minecraft.
Currently, Game Reviews Minecraft Storymode 2019  has spread its wings. Telltale worked with Mojang to make another version of Minecraft. This game created by Telltale and Mojang is Minecraft: Story Mode. Minecraft has changed from a game without a story to an interesting game with a fun story.
This game is divided into several episodes. Luckily, you can download Minecraft: Story Mode for free even though it is only episode 1. Even so, Episode 1: The Order of the Stone is quite interesting. At the very least, your mindset of the game Minecraft has changed greatly.

Unlike the original Minecraft game, Minecraft: Story Mode, you play the storyline of the game. Do not worry, you initially just answer the response from each response option available.
In this game, you will play the role of Jesse, along with his pig friends Reuben, Axel and Olivia. In the story, they have to go on a mission to gather the Order of the Stone warriors with Luke and Petra due to the chaos that occurred during the Endercon.
This game also still maintains the original version of the block graphics and appearance. So you won't lose the feel of Minecraft itself even though the gameplay is different. This game also does not require high hardware so it can be played on low-specification smartphones and tablets though.
Do you want to know the full story? So as not to spoilers, you just download the game Minecraft: Story Mode. I also haven't finished playing this game. The important thing is, this game is not like the original version which is storyless and sandbox. You can download this game for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android.

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