How to Manually Remove Cache on Android

How to Manually Remove Cache on Android

Mobile users are certainly familiar with cache, right? You can find the cache word in the "Settings" menu on your cellphone. Although, some cellphone users are familiar with cache, but there are still many who do not know what cache is or what it is for.
Cache is a temporary component of data storage where the data can be easily accessed by the CPU or processor so that commands to be executed can be carried out more quickly. In other words, the cache helps reduce the processing time of data information or accelerate the performance of the device when opening or running an application, for example applications that you open earlier will be run faster because the data is stored in the cache.
How to clear cache in certain applications   
If you do not want to clear the cache for all applications on your mobile, you can still clear the cache for the particular application you want to delete. How to? Following below are the steps to clear cache in certain applications.
1. Open the Settings menu on your mobile.
2. Select the Apps menu then delete the cache in the application below as shown in this video

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