Review Some Interesting Android Offroad Games

Review Some Interesting Android Offroad Games

For you lovers of challenging games, it's not just war games or action games that will take you in exciting and fun obstacles.  Offroad games are also able to invite players to find obstacles and exciting challenges you know

Offroad Legends – Monster Truck Trials
Challenging and exciting is what is usually sought by lovers of offroad games. This time Offroad Legends - Monster Truck Trials offers both of these in the game. In this game this time embedded a variety of features that can be relied upon and also the mainstay of Offroad Legends - Monster Truck Trials.
Here, players can choose one of 4 categories of offroad cars; Monsters, 4 × 4 off-roaders, Behemoths, Fun cars. Not only that, even the game that has won more than 300,000 downloads on PlayStore has 3 different game modes complete with 56 tracks or tracks that are certainly exciting and challenging
Racing Xtreme 2
As the name implies, this game does present extreme and challenging offroad paths. In addition to the fun track, this game also provides a variety of offroad car models that you can choose according to taste. What is interesting again, this game even presents a pretty animated 3D display. Play the game immediately
2XL MX Offroad
Offroad is not only for cars, the article is you can still play offroad games using motorbikes. 2XL MX Offroad, this game offers a virtual offroad game using an Android phone. Not defeated by offroad using cars, 2XL MX Offroad also has a variety of superior features.
You can find various types of offroad motorcycles in this game made by 2XL games. The reason is, there are 16 offroad motorcycles to choose from and also different obstacles in each level. Players can also play in a way from the perspective of the first person or the perspective of third people
Exion Off-Road Racing
If usually offroad cars usually use large cars with tires that are no less big, now Exion Off-Road Racing actually presents a game where the player will race offroad by using a relatively small sized car that is a sedan type car.
Even though it looks just a sedan, the Exion Off-Road Racing game is quite challenging to anyone who plays it. If the player can't control the car well enough, you might lose this game

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