How To Backup Data For Windows using Hiren's BootCD

How To Backup Data For Windows using Hiren's BootCD

When a Windows System on a Laptop or PC Error breaks, how should we retrieve our data / files? while data is important and we also cannot turn on a laptop / PC or enter the system. If we reinstall Windows, of course, our MyDocument will also be deleted, because MyDocument is in Drive C which will be deleted if we reinstall. The only way is we have to backup the data first and then we can reinstall it.
We can use the facilities from Hiren's Boot CD, where we can get into Mini XP and enter the damaged windows system mydocument or use a Bootable Flashdisk

Applications that are used, among others are
Using Hiren's BootCD

Using Hiren's Boot

How to back up important data like in My Document can use Hiren's Boot where there are already a variety of software such as Mini Windows XP so that it can get into previous windows that already exists but has errors or is corrupt in order to Save and backup Important Data Files on Your Laptop or PC to Flaskdisk or to your External hard drive
The first step you have to do is boot the Flashdisk with Hiren's Boot CD or see how to do it here: How to Make a Bootable Hiren's Boot CD on a USB Flashdisk
Set the Bios like we want to reinstall windows using Flashdisk first to boot
Select Mini Windows Xp
After entering Mini XP and then entering Windows Explorer, after that look for important files that you want to save then Copy to Flaskdisk or External Hard Drive or Local Disk which is not a place to put the folder installed in the Windows operating system. If you have a backup process after that you can reinstall Windows without having to fear that your file data will be lost or deleted.
And actually there are various ways to backup important data contained in the Windows operating system, In this article we have discussed how to backup data using Hiren's BootCD

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