Characteristic of VGA that is Experiencing Damage

Characteristic of VGA that is Experiencing Damage

VGA, is one of the most expensive components on a PC or laptop. Where VGA prices  have a cost for certain types.
VGA is also in my opinion one of the components of a computer that is quite vulnerable to damage in my opinion. If sorted, maybe this VGA number 2 after the hard drive.
Not without reason, this is because VGA has a fairly vital function .. That is sending an image signal to the monitor. Where in certain circumstances, VGA will experience overheating which in the long run can cause damaged components.
VGA is damaged, usually will cause certain symptoms, and not immediately damaged.
There are people who immediately see severe symptoms, but there are also people who see certain mild symptoms that may occur in the long term.
Well, here I will share the characteristics of broken VGA that is often encountered. By coincidence, some time ago before I wrote this article, my VGA had experienced symptoms of damage before finally dying completely.

Driver stopped working

Driver stopped working, is one of the initial signs of weakening VGA. This stopped working driver, is caused by a VGA function that is not working properly.
But the driver stopped working, it does not mean that VGA will be damaged. There is still a possibility that the VGA driver is experiencing a mismatch or bug ..
To overcome this, you can try uninstalling, then updating / downgrading the driver version.

Artifacts, are one of the common characteristics as well as one of the damage that is difficult to handle. Symptoms of artifacts, are conditions where images on certain displays or textures appear.
Usually in the form of lines, patches of color, even pseudo pictures. These artifacts generally appear on older VGA-VGAs whose hours of use are already high. But that does not mean only VGA is old, new VGA is also susceptible to artifacts if the VGA is often running at the highest performance but not interspersed with an adequate cooler (Overheat).

No Display

VGA is damaged, usually experiencing no display alias VGA does not display the image at all.
VGA no display, usually appears when a damaged VGA continues to be used for a long period of time. Where normally no display damage will appear suddenly.
Even though the display no is a sign of a faulty VGA, this does not mean that this display is only caused by a faulty VGA.

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