How to Safely Update Computer BIOS

How to Safely Update Computer BIOS

Updating the BIOS is one of the many ways you can do to continue to maintain the stability of the laptop / computer that you have. Not many people know if a good BIOS update is done regularly. This is because the BIOS function itself is one of the programs that are synchronized directly on the motherboard.
So that your laptop / computer can continue to improve its performance, this BIOS update is very helpful to recognize and detect various devices installed on the motherboard. But you need to note yes, if the BIOS update process fails the possibility of your laptop / computer becomes damaged and cannot be used again.
So, try when you do a BIOS update error does not occur so that your laptop / computer can still be used properly.
Before making an operating system update from the BIOS, the following things should be considered:

  1. Make sure you have your laptop / computer serial number ready
  2. Then download the BIOS update file and BIOS utility
  3. Understand all step by step
  4. Always do backups to anticipate failures in BIOS updates
  5. Make sure your laptop / computer battery is fully charged
  6. Prepare a flash or external storage to save the BIOS file (1 GB)

Know the BIOS version
First you have to do is find out what BIOS version is on your laptop / computer. If you are still having trouble finding the BIOS version that is on your laptop / computer, you can do it this way:
First open the System Information application on your Windows, then type msinfo32 in the start menu search box. Then you open msinfo32.exe and the System Information window will openWait first for your computer to display information Finally, once displayed you can immediately look for the BIOS version. For info, the BIOS version is usually located below the processors speed
Don't forget to note the version and date in the information

Know the origin of the motherboard
After you know the BIOS version, it's time to know the origin of your laptop / computer motherboard. There are various brands and components that are commonly used, but always make sure and in accordance with what you have, here's how:
Check the developer's website / brand that you are using
Then after checking the developer's website, make sure the BIOS that you are looking for matches the model of your computer and motherboard.
If you get it wrong to install the BIOS the risk found is that your laptop / computer can be damaged and can not live.
The last step is to make sure if there is a ReadMe file you have read. Because you need to know updating the BIOS is not something that can be underestimated, if one of the effects can be fatal for your laptop / computer.
The two steps above are the preparation that you have to do to do a BIOS update. Why? Because we all already know if done carelessly will be fatal and can harm you.

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