Reviewing the Best Intel and AMD Processors in 2019

Reviewing the Best Intel and AMD Processors in 2019

The Best PC Computer Processors Right Now from Intel and the Latest AMD 2019. The processor is an important component for computers. Processor or what we know as CPU (Central processing unit) is very important in the performance of a computer / laptop device.
You could say the processor is the brain of the computer. For the processor itself is relatively small even smaller compared to other computer components. Although small, the processor function is very large. Therefore if there is no processor, the computer cannot work optimally.
Therefore if you are going to buy a laptop or computer, don't just look at the price and color, but also see the processor specifications. Therefore you must know the specifications of the best PC computer processor that you need.
If you use a computer that can work with many applications, choose a high processor. Therefore to help you to get the best PC computer processor that suits your computer usage needs.

Reviewing  the Best Intel and AMD Processors in 2019

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AMD A10-5800K Processor
Socket: FM2
Specifications: 4C / 4T, 4MB cache, boxed, 3.8GHz
Advantages: Good for FM2 users, very good for using computer systems so they last a long time.
A very controversial choice might be, because the price of AMD A10-5800K is less than one million, the advantage of AMD A10-5800K is integration with AMD A10-5800K. The number of cores can be pushed up to 12, and there is also a 3-year warranty.
AMD FX-9590 Processor
Socket: AM3 +
Specifications: 8C / 8T, 16MB cache, CPU only, 4.7GHz
Very good, because the best PC computer processor is able to stay cool in the old usage. With a total of 16MB cache (8MB L2 and 8MB L3) and a basic clock speed of 4.7GHz (turbo to 5GHz) is enough to prove the speed of this CPU.
Intel Core i3-6100 Processor
Socket: Socket 1151
Specifications: 2C / 4T, 3MB cache, boxed, 3.7GHz

Intel Core i3-6100 is the best PC computer processor that is the cheapest of the generation of cores, I put this processor on the list because of price reasons. For the performance itself is decent enough with the speed of 3.7 Ghz

Intel Pentium G3258 Processor
Socket: LGA 1150
Specifications: 2C / 2T, 3MB cache, boxed, 3.2GHz
The advantage of the best Intel Pentium G3258 PC computer processor is the ability to overclock gaming

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